Motorcycle / Scooter / ATV

Motorcycle, Scooter and ATV Batteries for Fun on the Open Road – or Off-Road

Motorcycles, ATVS and dirt bikes are not just transportation. They need a power source that puts some thrill in your ride. The Batteries R Us store has several different brands of batteries for motorcycles, scooters, ATVS, jet skis, and dirt bikes, all of which offer 1-year manufacturers’ warranties. [Read more…]


Deep Cycle Marine Batteries Bring Power to the Water

Marine batteries for your power boat, your fishing boat, pontoon or sail boat. We have them at the Batteries R Us store.  Depending upon the size of the boat and the amount of electronics on board, you will need different batteries to keep the power churning. These are the AGM batteries we stock: [Read more…]