Vehicle Batteries

Batteries R Us has all the types of batteries you need for any kind of vehicle. From cars and trucks to ATV's and jet skis, come see us to keep your vehicle moving.

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Car and Truck

Truck Batteries with the Reliability to Keep You on the Move

Truck and tractor batteries with the power and dependability to keep you on the road and on the job. That is what you will find at Batteries R Us in Washington.  We also have a great selection of car batteries to choose from. [Read more…]


Commercial / Semi

We carry the following commercial truck batteries:

  • Deka 31 Series Post or Stud
  • Pro-Series 31 Post or Stud
  • Odyssey 31 Series Heavy Duty



Motorcycle / Scooter / ATV

Motorcycle, Scooter and ATV Batteries for Fun on the Open Road – or Off-Road

Motorcycles, ATVS and dirt bikes are not just transportation. They need a power source that puts some thrill in your ride. The Batteries R Us store has several different brands of batteries for motorcycles, scooters, ATVS, jet skis, and dirt bikes, all of which offer 1-year manufacturers’ warranties. [Read more…]

image of motor boat stand at a berth


Deep Cycle Marine Batteries Bring Power to the Water

Marine batteries for your power boat, your fishing boat, pontoon or sail boat. We have them at the Batteries R Us store.  Depending upon the size of the boat and the amount of electronics on board, you will need different batteries to keep the power churning. These are the AGM batteries we stock: [Read more…]

Yellowstone Rv Trip


These are the types of RV Batteries we carry:

  • Deka Marine Master / RV Batteries
  • 24 Series Heavy Duty AGM
  • 27 Series Heavy Duty AGM
  • 31 Series Heavy Duty AGM
wheeled tractor on a green grass


We also carry Deka and Pro-Series tractor batteries in these models:

  • 3EE
  • 3ET
  • 3EH
  • 8V
  • 8D
  • 4D
  • 4DLT
  • 51
  • 51R
  • 22NF

We offer a One-Year Warranty on tractor batteries.

heavy duty

Heavy Duty

These are the different heavy duty batteries we offer:

  • Trojan t2 | 16e-ac
  • 31 Series Post or Stud
Lawn Tractor Isolated

Lawn Mower

We carry these types of Lawn Mower batteries:

  • Deka:
    • GT10R
    • GT10L
    • GT11L
  • Pro-series:
    • U1RXX
    • U1LXX

Each of these include a one-year warranty!

Golf Car

Golf Cart

We carry these Golf Cart Batteries:

  • Pro-Series – XLD 6 Volt
  • Trojan T-105
  • US1800
Motorised Wheelchair

Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter

These are the different Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter batteries we carry:

  • Deka – Intimidator AGM (Heavy Duty)
  • 12 Volt 35 Amp
  • 12 Volt 55 Amp

These batteries come with a One-Year Warranty!

riding toys

Riding Toys

These are the Power Sonic sealed lead acid batteries we carry for riding toys:

PS-6120 TS
PS-6120 Th
PS-6120 FP